We offer hygiene improvement programs, including control and prevention of infectious diseases (e.g. COVID-19); design, assessment and improvement of food safety management processes; support for the acquisition of HACCP or quality control certifications, and their application.

We offer a variety of services including cleaning and sterilization of clean rooms, mold control and removal, and disinfection and deodorization.

We utilize IPM theory to design and implement pest control programs (for pests such as insects or rats) compliant with HACCP principles and food safety management standards.

We provide equipment maintenance services that are critical for maintaining a hygienic environment, including cleaning of factories and manufacturing equipment, cleaning of air conditioning and air supply and exhaust systems, maintenance of septic tanks and grease traps and disinfection of water storage and water supply and drainage equipment.

Dynamic Sanito has partnered with nine companies in eight different countries under the HYSIA brand name to expand its services throughout Asia and Oceania. We are constantly looking for overseas business partners with whom we can collaborate.